Friday Five

March 21, 2014

My back pain that was almost completely gone this time last week came back with a vengeance on Friday night. Once again I am finally feeling better but I now know to take it easy. I jumped back into my busy party planning a little too quickly last week and I definitely paid for it. I just have to remind myself that I'm in my late twenties now and that means I don't bounce back overnight anymore. Despite the back pain most of this week here are a few things that made me really happy...

1// finally sharing all the details for Madison's shower!! It was so much fun to fill the house with ladies that wanted to love on our sweet friend. I'm also glad that all these ladies loved mimosas! It was a great morning.
Check out the full post here.

2// on Monday I decided to stay home from work and lay in the living room floor all day on a heating pad off and on while stretching a lot. It made a huge difference and I also got to start the Once Upon a Time series. I'm so hooked!!!

3// finally receiving this little baby back this week!! My face was starting to have some little breakouts since my clarasonic stopped working but I'm happy that this company is so reliable and sent me a new one very quickly. Clara, my face missed you a lot!
(It only makes since to name my Clarasonic, Clara... right?) 

4// finding this card on etsy and laughing so hard about how perfectly it suits our nights at home before going to sleep. I also thought it was fitting since I shared a little bit of my feelings about Social Media yesterday.
You can find this card here.

5// the fact that I will be heading to Charleston, SC in just a few hours to celebrate a wedding weekend for some friends with Peter and my Mom makes me so excited!
I love wedding weekends but I'm REALLY excited about my first wedding weekend in Charleston!!!
Photo I took during one of my past Charleston trips

Happiest of weekends to all of you ladies!
talk to ya on Monday :)


Cassie said...

Yes! My face is already dramatically different!! Thank goodness for the Clarasonic!

Cassie said...

Getting older is so much fun, right?? Haha, I honestly think it is the best! Even with back pain.
Thanks for the comment!

Cassie said...

Thanks!! It was a wonderful weekend, sharing some of it tomorrow!

Cassie said...

oh man, I couldn't live without my clarisonic, so I totally feel you. happy you got a replacement :) ;)

and I almost bought that card for my guy for valentine's day--it's at paper source too!

hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Cassie said...

Girl, I feel you about the back pain. I also had to remind myself of my age and that I can't quite do all that I used to do. For me it was all about not waiting til the last minute to get everything done but do a little bit at a time. Hope you get feeling back to normal soon! (And that card is hilarious and oh so true!)

Cassie said...

That card is too funny and true! Have a great weekend in Charleston!!

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