Our Wedding // The Ceremony

January 9, 2014

One thing that I loved the most about our Ceremony was how it felt like "us". It wasn't stuffy, there was a lot of laughing & I remember every second of it. A lot of brides say that they can't remember much of their ceremony because of their nerves but I'm so thankful that we decided to have a "first look" because it helped so much. We had our special moments, just the two of us, and then when the time came for me to walk down that isle I wanted to run toward him.
Funny fact, Peter's oldest sister put out her hand and told me to slow down during the ceremony while I was walking toward Peter so I guess I was walking a little too fast.
....but I couldn't help it. I was ready to be his.
I gave Peter a journal that I had been writing in ever since he proposed. I saved the first page to write a letter to him on our wedding day. I want to continue to write in it on special occasions so we can have a journal full of love notes.
Peter also wrote me a letter but it was on a piece of paper from the Marriott Hotel. I died laughing when I saw it because its typical for him to wait till the last minute to do something. I tucked his little letter into the book I gave him above so we can save them together.

Our wonderful wedding party that made our day so much sweeter!!

It was very important to share Communion together on our wedding day. We both agreed that this should be the first thing we do together as Husband & Wife, it means so much to us.

{Photos are property of Living on Cloud Nine blog, and are artistic property of Red Apple Tree Photography}


Cassie said...

Thank you!!! Our day wouldn't have been the same without you two!

Cassie said...

love! love! love!

Cassie said...

Thank you so much!! It was a very happy day! :)

Cassie said...

Love first look pictures! You are absolutely stunning as a bride! Beautiful pictures :)
xo TJ

Dabay said...

What a gorgeous ceremony. That photo of both of you walking out of the church is iconic! I agree, the first look is the way to go. My husband is a last-minute letter writer as well ;)

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