Christmas Night.

January 2, 2014

On Christmas night Peter and I went to my Mom's house for our gift exchanges and a delicious dinner! It was so much fun to start this new tradition and end Christmas day with her and Peter. Some sweet gifts, a little TV watching & horseradish mashed potatoes with prime rib and veggies. Mmm, it was fun and  very yummy. 

French Macaron book that Peter gave me earlier that day and the Macaron baking set that my Mom gave me. I'm so excited to try and make these pretty little cookies!!!

Bar Set for Peter from my Mom!

Pretty yellow blanket!

& an awesome new knife set!! Can't wait to use these babies! 

For the past several years Mom has wanted a Keurig but has never gotten one. Yes. I may have forgotten she asked for it a few times. Sorry Mom. But this Christmas was different... I took notes and I paid attention to what she asked for. When we walked into her house with the bag holding the photo she requested (on the coffee table beside her) and two small boxes which she had no idea what they were. I knew she thought to herself, "man... another Christmas without a Keurig!" Even if she said she didn't... I think she might have. But sneaky me, I wrapped the Kcup for coffee grinds and a box of the vanilla flavored coffee so when she realized what she had she was excited. I then gave her the actual Keurig that weekend once it finally came in the mail.
I think the picture below is of her saying "Yaaaaaaay".

I think its safe to say that Christmas was a huge success! It was such a wonderful season of happiness, newness and old traditions to make everything feel homey but still exciting. Then our wonderful trip to New Jersey was the best way to end the year but more on that next week!

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