Holiday Littles.

January 1, 2014

With the hustle and bustle of November and December I find myself with an urgency for the little things. I try and notice them more and take them in. Really appreciate them for what they are. How they can make me smile, laugh and feel so thankful it hurts sometimes. We are so blessed and I don't want to overlook the blessings we have. Here are a few of the moments that made me very happy during the end of 2013.

watching Peter and my brother wrestle with the kids in the family after Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom's house // sending out cute Christmas Thank You Notes to the guests that brought me a hostess gift at the Ornament Exchange Party this year // the confused look on Peter's face when he heard Santa coming into my Grandma's house // opening gifts with my mom and Peter at her house on Christmas night while sipping on wine by the fireplace, so cozy and perfect // having a girls card game on New Year Eve with my sisters and feeling so thankful to have three of them now! 

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