Taking Stock 001

January 13, 2014

Making //myself do laundry instead of letting it sit in the dryer. just successfully matched all the socks.
Cooking //chicken and left over quinoa for dinner earlier. 
Drinking //yogi chai tea with a splash of vanilla unsweetened almond milk. my obsession recently. 
Reading //the latest Ezer bible study from my church, Redeeming Sexuality. loving it so far. 
Wanting //a four day weekend. that would be so great.
Looking //at my terribly chipped finger nails. 
Wasting //left over lunches. I really hate left overs.

Sewing //absolutely nothing but I hope to learn how to crochet or knit soon!! does that count? 
Wishing //I could find my my car/house keys. thank God for spares! 
Enjoying //the dishwasher WASHING the DISHES in the kitchen right now. A-Mazing!!! 
Liking //the fact that I have a sweet uncle that helped Peter install it tonight. 
Wondering //how awesome Sherlock is going to be on Sunday. some Downton and THEN Sherlock will be unreal.
Loving //this sweet husband sitting beside me right now. I really am so blessed. 
Hoping //he knows how thankful I am for him every day. 
Marveling //at how the Lord gives us exactly what we need before we even realize we need it. 
Needing //a neck rub.  
Smelling //the candle that Meghan gave us for Christmas. Mmmm!
Wearing //my lululemon leggings and comfy shirt like always. 
Following //a lot of new blogs lately that I like very much. 
Noticing //that I need to go shoe shopping very soon. 
Knowing //that I have a lot to do before this weekend but I'm so excited to give our sweet friends a Couples Shower! 
Thinking //I need my glasses right now. 
Feeling //excitement for Orange is the New Black! So. Good. 
Bookmarking //the latest Crate & Barrel catalog. 
Opening //a can of paint pretty soon for a little DIY project! 
Giggling //about being a Matron of Honor! Soooo excited!! 
Feeling //contentment. 

got this lovely idea from The Daybook Blog.
{love, love, LOVE that blog}


Cassie said...

Thanks!!! & yes.... So excited!

Cassie said...

This is a fun idea for a blog post! And SHERLOCKKKKK!!! So very excited.

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