Our Wedding // Getting Ready

January 3, 2014

Since we have been married for over three months now I thought it was finally time to share some of my favorite shots from our special day. You can thank the fact that the three months after our wedding date {September 28th} are three of the busiest months in the year. It has been busy for sure but it was also a lot of fun to celebrate the end of 2013 as a wife. Here's a little peek into the day that turned me into a Mrs. 

One of my most favorite parts about our wedding day was getting ready in our house. Peter was at the hotel where we were having the reception with all the men so I could use our house and fill it with all the ladies I love so much. We had such a wonderful morning and enjoyed breakfast & mimosas {thanks to my Matron of Honor and her super sweet Mom & Sister} and we got ready in the most relaxed way. Or as relaxed as you can on your wedding day. Butterflies were in my tummy but they were welcomed. I was so excited to see my groom.

Speaking of groom. Mmm, handsome.

I really loved that the photographers {best photographers in all of the world} left the house to go get some photos of Peter getting dressed and then came back to do the same with me. I could get some information from them, you know... the normal. How is he? Does he look handsome? Is he excited? Their simple smile and yes to all my questions made me even more giddy and ready to see him! 

The henna ink on Jocie's hand from the night before at the rehearsal dinner makes me smile!

This will always be such a special photo to me. My bow wouldn't tie correctly and we couldn't make it look right so I'm thankful my grandmother was there to help us out. 

{Photos are property of Living on Cloud Nine blog, and are artistic property of Red Apple Tree Photography

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