Goals // 2.14

January 30, 2014

Let's start with checking on the January goals first.... 

I had high hopes for some tasty treats for our neighbors but every weekend was so busy and our weeknights are almost always busy too. Then that Insanity thing was literally an INSANE idea for January so we will work on that later. I kind of blame the flu for some of that. I also want to give running a try and since I have some awesome new running shoes (thanks hubby) I might just do it!

Also, I am going to keep #3 checked even though the snow/ice forced us to reschedule the event. We are going to find a day in February that works for everyone and have some dinner and bag making for the homeless. Speaking of February, here are my goals!

I'm really excited about February because of many reasons. I turn 27 which is super exciting! I get to celebrate my first Valentines as a wife and even though we've never been the couple to celebrate that holiday much I have to say I can't wait to celebrate it with my husband for the first time. Plus those five goals will be a lot of fun to tackle. February, here I come!!


Cassie said...

Thanks!! I will have to track that book down! :)

Cassie said...

Hi Cassie! Just a quick suggestion for your goal #5:-) Check out the book from Cooking Light Way To Cook Vegetarian (my husband found it at BJ's). It has plenty of vegan meals as well as vegetarian, and all the recipes have pictures (which I love) They, for the most part, do not have any wacky ingredients either, which is helpful. I really enjoy your blog:-) Look forward to hearing how your chickens are doing!

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