Dining Room Re-Do // Part Four

October 24, 2013

And we are back on schedule with my Thursday house updates and it feels good!! Honestly, it feels pretty awesome to be living here and enjoying it now with my husband and all that fun stuff. I'm still thinking that the dining room is my favorite room in the house. We haven't had a big meal at our pretty table yet but I get so excited when I think about it. It will be so great. 

All of the little pieces in this room have come together so well. The super cheap finds that I scored at estate sales or yard sales and also our beautiful wedding gifts that family and friends so graciously gave us. Everything in this room is new to us except for the gorgeous china cabinet that belonged to my great grandmother. When my mom told me that I could have it I thought I wet myself {sorry... just being honest} because I was so excited to have such a precious piece of furniture in our home. I still smile when I walk by and see it. 

^^^ our bottle of wine waiting patiently in our buffet. 

^^^ a beautiful Christmas Cactus plant my grandmother gave me 
and my favorite milk glass purchase from an estate sale. 

^^^ thanks to Jocie my china cabinet has been "Jocified" and I love it.

^^^ view from the front door when you walk in.

^^^ and one of my favorite yard sale finds! This plant stand was made by hand and it was only $10, I absolutely love it. 

yup.... definitely my favorite room.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

The room is just beautiful. I am so glad I was able to see your house before the transformation started. It makes seeing the progress even more fun. I love the plant stand!

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