Some wine and a little beer too!

October 16, 2013

I've always wanted to visit Wine Country and I had high hopes for this part of the trip but I definitely realized that I'm much more of a beer girl than a wine girl. I've always been the girl to choose wine if I have a choice so this really surprised me. After our first day of tastings I knew that sipping on a lot of different wine over a long period of time is just not my thing. Beer on the other hand is a different story. I could taste all kinds of well made beer all day long. Since my husband is an at home beer brewer and loves beer almost as much as he loves me this is a good thing. 
Beer > Wine pretty much sums up this part of our trip and we were perfectly fine with that. 

^^^ our beautiful hotel in Sonoma!

^^^ some tasty beers on our first night after the long drive and a delicious meal.
I chose the 10% dark sour and it was absolutely perfect!! Mmmm. 

^^^ Our first winery stop on Thursday at Matanzas was also a lavender field and since we used lavender in our wedding it was so wonderful to be surrounded by that lovely scent that reminds me of our special day! 

^^^ B.R. Cohn was one of our favorite wineries and the only winery we bought a bottle of wine to take home with us. I can't wait to drink it on a special date night at home with Peter! 

^^^ Benzinger was the only winery that we had a cheese pairing and I think it really helped with the tasting.

^^^ it was also the most beautiful winery too! 

^^^ Peter snacking on a grape from the vine! 

^^^ after all the wine we dedicated Friday to Lagunitas Brewing Company on our ride out of Wine Country. It was so much fun!! 

Since Yosemite was closed we couldn't spend the two nights we had scheduled there so we got lucky and found a hotel for Friday night and then another hotel on Saturday night. It turned out to be a great way to break the trip up a little bit and gave us some extra time to explore. Plus, now we have an excuse to travel back to Northern California and see Yosemite someday! Sounds like a win-win to me.

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