A perfect ending...

October 21, 2013

Monterey, the Big Sur & Carmel were all so, so gorgeous!! I loved different things about all of them which made the last part of our trip so much fun. In Monterey we did some shopping by the water and had some tasty Pinkberry which made this lady very happy. Big Sur was unreal with its beauty that kept on becoming more beautiful around every corner of the drive. The sunset dinner with Peter in the photo above was one of my favorite memories from the trip… the food wasn't the best but the way we sat together and watched the sun go down behind the silky water and talked about all the places we had been and the places we want to go in our future was so exciting. I am really happy that I get to do life with this man and I know how blessed I am to call him mine! Carmel was complete perfection and I could have honestly spent an entire week there. From wine tasting and olive oil tasting to some delicious sushi and then window shopping for art that cost anywhere from $300 to $15,000… needless to say we did not buy anything but along the way we stumbled into a Syrian/Jordanian owned cafĂ© and had some tasty Turkish coffee. It was an all around great day and great days make me super happy!!

^^^ beautiful downtown Monterey!

^^^ we stopped at the Cannery Row Brewery Company and I loved this awesome light.

^^^ First stop on the 17 Mile drive which we accidentally took twice. Definitely didn't mind driving through this beautiful scenery more than once. 

^^^ The Lonely Cyprus

^^^ does not even look real. It's crazy how beautiful this place is!

Just a little bit more of San Fran coming your way tomorrow and then the Honeymoon posts will be over. I honestly did most of this for my memories but I also thought a lot of you would like to see and hear about all the places we visited! I hope you've enjoyed it... I know we will look back on this trip every year and remember all the happiness and love that we had on the 10 amazing days. 

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