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December 6, 2012

Enjoy the little things,
for one day you may look back & realize they were the big things.

During the Holiday Season everything is so rushed and busy but I’m starting to think I don’t want things to slow down. I’m thankful that my life is full and surrounded with exciting plans and occasions so I’m embracing it. Life is short and I want to look back and know that I lived it fully. Several weeks ago I shared some “little things” that made me happy and I really enjoyed it. Looking back at them now, only a few weeks later, they still make me smile & I know I will enjoy reading those little things that made me happy ten years from now. That thought sparked a desire to list a few things that seem little now but in the grand scheme of things could become a big thing. After all, that is one of my favorite quotes above and I believe it’s true.

a random, sweet text message from my future sister. I don’t like the term sister-in-law because I’ve never had a sister and I’ve always wanted one. I’m so happy the Lord is giving me three // the way I feel when I listen to Only if for a Night by Florence + the Machine… I will never get tired of that song or listening to it a little too loudly with my eyes closed and pretending I’m back at Austin City Limits // hearing Peter smile when he talks to me on the phone while he is in Texas, hearing a smile is one of my most favorite things // the little girl excitment I feel inside just knowing that I get to see The Nutcracker for the VERY FIRST time with my Mom this weekend // the mixture of gold and white gold on my left hand this week thanks to essie {good as gold} and my fiancĂ©

yea... I'm sure that will never be a BIG thing but its still pretty! ;)

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