one thing I can't WAIT to do....

December 24, 2012

Send out Christmas cards every year with an awesomly fun picture. 
I sent Christmas cards this year that were pretty and fun but not with a picture, cause honestly, what would the picture be of? Me... by myself? Awwwwkward. Peter agreed that it would be a little weird to send out Christmas cards since we aren't married yet but I couldn't help myself. Why not play around a little bit and have a cute e-card for my blog readers.... It is my blog after all! :)

Photo: Red Apple Tree Photography // Edit: Phoster iPhone App

So, we hope you all have a beautiful Christmas,
a fun rest of December
& have a safe and happy New Years!
Prayers for a safe flight tomorrow would be greatly appreciated also! 
Let the Christmas festivities begin!!! God bless, friends!

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