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August 3, 2018

This rainy week has been exactly what we needed in a serious way. I don't mind the cozy rainy days... especially when we have house work to do, and a cold is knocking us down one by one. Thankfully, Asher hasn't gotten it, and I'm hoping the massive amounts of breastfeeding he's doing, will keep him protected. I swear he's trying to cut a tooth so he has been attached to me this week. Even all night, so these slow days are wonderful! Hope your week has been great, and that your weekend is wonderful, also!!

These Crew and Co. Advent Cards makes me SO EXCITED for Christmas this year. We used them last year also, but we never put them away since Solomon loves them so much. His favorite story to read in his Jesus Story Book Bible is the "star story" about Jesus being the light of the world. Pure sweetness!!! 

Our chicks are laying!!!! And we got some pretty eggs! Loving them in my pretty Jocie Pots!

I recently picked up a chore chart from the Target dollar bin area so we could start working on some clean up time every day. Ever since we got it Solomon wants to put the pillows on his bed like I do on my bed every morning. It's so cute... and I love that he can put them on any way he wants and play in them. Its a fun part of the day now while Asher has his morning nap, we can sit and read books in his big pile of pillows!! 

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