little letters.

August 1, 2018

dear baseball,
I always dreamed I'd have a little boy to enjoy you with.

dear summer,
sorry, but I'm ready for your better friend, fall.

dear lush scrub,
I used to love you, but now I hate you.

dear beauty counter,
thank YOU for fixing all the zits from the scrub mentioned above.

dear laundry,
if only I could stay caught up....

dear cloth diapers,
it's kind of hilarious that I was even considering you this time around.

dear charleston,
I really, really want to see you soon.

dear football,
I'm super excited for you to be on our TV very soon.

dear Jesus,
thank you for your grace, and teaching me to show it toward my toddler.
& I think you are trying to teach me a lot about patience right now.... I'm trying my best!

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