Asher // seven months.

July 30, 2018

my sweet baby boy, 

I can't believe how full of life and light you have become in the last month! You just finished your 5th Wonder Weeks Leap, and it is so evident. The leap was all about relationships and you definitely love them. The smiles and squeals you give your brother all day long makes my momma heart so proud. The two of you are so sweet together. You are not a fan of your big brother pushing you over when you are sitting up, which definitely happens from time to time, but 90% of the time you two are precious. 

You are also saying Da-da all the time which Daddy loves! You say Momma too but only when you are screaming and crying, losing your mind. HA, not as sweet as the Da-da moments. It's okay though, I know you love me!! 

You are still almost always smiling, and if you aren't for any reason, all you need is a little eye to eye contact and conversation. You are going to be a people person for sure. which I love. I pray that you will love others well, with God's big love, and share His love with so many! You also love music so much, and your favorite song is My God is Powerful, thanks to Solomon's request to hear it so often. It helps you sleep, eat and just be a happier baby all day. I can't imagine how many times I've heard the song now. At least it's a happy song that sings the truth!!! 

We love you so much, sweet boy!! I can't believe you are already 7 months old. The time is flying by!!! 

stats //  28 inches & 25.8 pounds

eating // nursing has slowed down drastically since he loves eating solids now. I feel full of milk when I realize that he hasn't nursed for 4-5 hours and then when he does nurse he empties me so quickly. It's crazy how efficient he is getting. 
As for solids, he loves: bananas, carrots, peas and I made a mixture of oatmeal, bananas and cherries and blended it for him to eat at night for dinner. He really loves to eat, which makes him sitting at the table with us so fun, now. 

sleeping // his naps are so consistent it's crazy. Officially only two naps a day. Always asleep by 10AM for his morning nap and then sleeping by 1PM for his afternoon nap. The morning nap is usually around an hour, and the afternoon is at least two hours, but can be up to three some days. 
Nights are not the same.... I'm hoping he will return to great sleep since his fifth leap is over. Some nights he's awake every hour, others is 1-2 wake ups. Before the leap he was sleeping much better, even one night with no wakeup at all. Reeeaaaally hoping that will happen again soon!

wearing // all 12 month and 18 month but the only shorts that fit are Solomon's 2T shorts. His booty and legs are so big, haha!! I'm wondering how layering for fall and winter will happen?? 

firsts // tried so many new foods, saying Da-da, jumping in his bouncer a lot, and even pulling up while sitting in my lap.

favorite things // chewing on his spoon, watching Solomon run around and play, breaking my back all day long since he's SOOO heavy, listening to music, riding in the car (I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SAY THAT!!!) & talking up a storm!

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