December 19, 2017

These ladies, they are so special to me. My mom has been friends with Peggy and Laura for a very long time and I am so thankful that they are my friends as well. We've always had fun celebrating Christmas together with some drinks, apps and soups but now we get to include the grandbabies. I love it, it's always so much fun!  

These three cuties, they definitely make our yearly tradition a little crazier, but it's a whole lot sweeter too! We did our normal gifts between each other, but we also had gifts for the kids to open, and we let them give them to each other. Hearing them say Merry Christmas and watching their excitement was so adorable. I love this time of year even more now that we have Solomon, it's so special!

self timer catching hilarious moments and our laughs.... love it! 

sweet little elves! 
Merry Christmas, friends!!!

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