pregnancy post // month nine.

December 14, 2017

Weeks 33-36
month nine pictures are somewhat better, but we are almost finished and so ready to hold a baby boy in our arms so.... a little grace when it comes to documentation! ;) 

33 weeks: 
  • My left side is pretty much in pain all the time since Asher is mostly pushing on that side. Having a sick toddler to carry around isn't helping either. 
  • My bladder feels like it's the size of a marble!
  • Had our appointment with the Midwife and baby boy is still head down and heart rate was 145. We scheduled our next 2 week appointment and then the everything after that will go to once a week! We also get an extra ultrasound at the next appointment since we are doing the birthing center. 
  • My sweet friends spoiled me with a dinner out and some gifts for Asher. It was fun to have some girl time and celebrate him a little bit!

34 weeks:
  • So. Uncomfortable.
  • Full on waddle is happening now and I look like a big penguin. 
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving and tried to enjoy food as much as I could with little room left. 

35 weeks:
  • No big change, just ready to meet this little guy!
  • Decorating the house (with my mom's help) and trying to take in all the wonderful Christmas memories! Christmas will mean so much more to me now when I look back on pictures with Solomon and my round belly. 
  • Still sick with a cold and Solomon's cold returned, it was a rough week of little sleep and runny noses for both of us. 

36 weeks:
  • We enjoyed Peter's work Christmas party and a nice date night out since Gigi got Solomon to sleep at night! It was a fun night with a mocktail and friends. 
  • Got so much work done in Asher's room, I'm so excited for him to be here soon!!!
  • Drinking a LOT of red raspberry tea and eating my dates in hopes that it will help him come on out. 
  • The pain under my right ribs has subsided since his foot has moved down a lot! I definitely feel like he has dropped this week. 

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