Christmas morning, 2017.

December 27, 2017

Christmas morning was one of the most sweet and fun mornings I've ever had with my little family. Solomon was so happy about his bike and excited to open his gifts. The sleepy eyes but excited smile is a pretty great combination. I love toddlers. They are so unpredictable, and that can definitely make things a little crazy sometimes, but it can also make things pretty stinkin cute. He started out the morning confused and wanting to go in his playroom, but once he locked eyes on his bike, it was all over. Christmas morning was officially amazing in his book!

Solomon also got to help us open Asher's stocking, which wasn't as exciting as his stocking. 

Once we were finished opening our gifts, my mom came over to have breakfast with us. I normally make a quiche and some sides, but my sweet husband made his perfect breakfast bagel sandwiches this year. I promised to make a full spread for Christmas 2018, but this year was a little rough with my big 'ol belly. Plus, his bagels are one of my main cravings every weekend... so that worked out perfectly! 

self timer fun with the camera for some photos... I love this one so much!

It was such a perfect Christmas morning. Fun, relaxing, and a full of really sweet memories.
& the fact that we will have a second little monkey to celebrate with next year makes me so incredibly happy! 

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