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December 15, 2017

This week started out reeeaaaally rough, but I'm so thankful that things are much better now! The uncomfortable aches and pains of full term pregnancy is no joke this time around. I know I will forget about all these things once Asher is here but geeeez, my hips feel like they are breaking! I can't wait to hold him and the waiting to see when he wants to join us is about to kill me. BUT, that's pregnancy. The last month feels like a century. I am thankful that I have Christmas to distract me. I told Peter the other day that we should have all our babies in December because it has been such a sweet distraction. The house is decorated & all the presents are wrapped and ready under the tree. I'm never this prepared!! Nesting and Christmas really do go so well together! We have a very busy weekend full of Christmas fun and I can't wait, hope you have a fun weekend, too. 

One last slice of chocolate pecan pie left over from our community group Christmas party! YUM, thank you very much!!! 

All the presents wrapped and waiting under the tree! 

Curls and legos! I could watch him play all day, it's so relaxing for some reason. Haha, do other moms feel this way?

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