Christmas with Gigi.

December 25, 2017

I normally just share our small family Christmas, but with Solomon and all the love he is getting and fun he's been having this year, I thought it was only write to document everything. I knew that this Christmas was going to be a fun one with his age now and my mom has been dying to buy him a BIG gift. Solomon freaks out anytime we are at a friend's house with a play kitchen, and seriously can't play with anything else, so my mom knew exactly what he needed for his playroom. We also agreed that this year would be extra special since it would most likely be Solomon's last Christmas as an only child and her only grandbaby, so I let her splurge a little. Plus, his sweet little face when he saw the kitchen was so worth it!!! Thank you, Gigi, for loving our boy so well! 

Asher wasn't left out, he got the most perfect hand knit doll that also helped feed 10 meals to kids in need.

A lot of Thank Yous and hugs for Gigi, she is the best!

My mom was also excited to surprise Peter with some goodies for his bar cart!

& this is how we all feel about her famous Christmas Dinner! YUM!!!!

Peter and his massive piece of Prime Rib!

& the best dark chocolate pistachio pie.... OH MAN!

I know I could never say it enough, so thank you again for all the love that you so freely give to us, Mom! You are so selfless and I hope that I can be more like you everyday. God has truly blessed us with your big love.

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