Christmas eve, 2017.

December 26, 2017

Christmas Eve is always so magical, isn't it?? I just love all the memories that I have at my grandma's house on Christmas Eve with my family growing up, and I'm so thankful that Solomon will have them also. This year we decided to get all the kids matching PJs and I love how adorable they all looked. Sadly, Joanna's pjs were too small (almost a teenager problems!) but she still looked cute in her onesie! ;) Watching the kids running around and playing in their Burts Bees stripes was so adorable!! 

We had our yearly visit with Santa of course!! He told the story of the night before Christmas, and also the story of baby Jesus and gave the kidos a little surprise. It's always sweet to watch their excitement. This was the first year that Solomon actually seemed interested and paid attention. 

Joanna's face in this picture cracks me up. Silly girl!!

Such a fun night celebrating with family!! The only thing better than Christmas Eve is Christmas morning, and that's coming tomorrow on the blog!! 

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