goals // 8.17

August 1, 2017

Well, I totally skipped the July goals, so we will just move on to August. You can thank crazy summer days, pregnant brain, which also gives me double mommy brain. ;) Thankfully, I did try and work on the June goals......

June Goals
1 // uhhh.... actually blog some - the blogging isn't back to normal, but at least I did some! Especially the trip to Florida. The new design is making me so happy and I feel a big rush of creativity. I want to get back to writing and sharing in my old routine. 
2 // get the house back in order - thankfully, the surge of second trimester energy has helped with my cleaning routines, but it still isn't where it was several months ago. Slowly but surely it will get back! 
3 // organize Solomon's room and clothing - this is the main thing I want to get done this month! I'm planning to get the office (baby#2's room) cleaned out so I can move the crib in, that way I can finish updating Solomon's room. I'm excited to share the changes to his room soon!!

August Goals
1 // organize Solomon's room and clothing 
2 // share the complete weaning process since we are officially finished
3 // finish planning Solomon's second birthday party
4 // begin a set time a day with Solomon for pre-school activities 
5 // announce what are second little babe will be

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