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August 11, 2017

Happy 20 weeks to our second baby boy!!!!! We are so excited to have another boy in the family. Solomon is still calling him a sister, but he does say he wants a boy, so there's that. I'm officially a boy mom!! My dreams are coming true ;) 

While cleaning out the office (future baby boy's room) with my mom last week, I found the board from our Solomon Announcement! So I thought if we did have another boy, I could tweak it a bit and add something to it. It's so fun to keep up with traditions! We all know how I am about special traditions, right....? 

Sweet boys, my sweet boys! Plural!! I can't believe it. My head is spinning with ideas and dreams of having little brothers in our house. Such a special gift that we are giving Solomon, and I pray that he learns to love his new best friend. Now, if we could only agree on a name for the little guy...... 

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