a day in New York.

August 21, 2017

When we planned our trip to NJ to see family, I knew I wanted to take the train to NYC for a day trip. I haven't been to the city in forever and we thought it would be fun to take Solomon for his first time. He was so excited to go on a train ride and see all the big buildings. 

Our plan was to head into the city early in the morning but we ended up sleeping in that morning instead. Since we were a little delayed, we timed the train ride perfectly for naptime. Thankfully, he passed out in Peter's arms after only ten minutes. I'm really praying that Solomon's baby brother is an easy and hard napper, too. It helps so much with traveling. We had to switch trains once he was already asleep, so we used the stroller to let him finish his nap. I honestly don't know how he slept through the whole thing. Loud train noises, up and down escalators (his feet and legs flew back and almost smacked his face at one point!), then we got stuck in the ticket gate. Peter and I were laughing so hard! We are definitely not city parents.... but he slept through the whole train ride into the city, a quick walk on the busy NYC streets and even through our lunch. This kid, he's a keeper!! 

his big cheeeeeese grin!

I got SUPER excited when we made our way over to Bryant Park and saw the merry-go-round. I went full on kid and couldn't wait to take Solomon on for a ride. I let him walk around and pick out the animal of his choice, he loved the frog and was excited to climb on. It was his first experience on any kind of ride and he obviously didn't know what to expect. I strapped him in and told him he had to hold on and that the frog was going to move up and down and we would spin around. He just sat patiently waiting. Once it actually started I was a little surprised at how quickly it moved and had to hold on myself. His reactions were so funny... it took a couple of times around for him to fully enjoy it. Such a fun memory with my boy, I'm so glad Peter got some cute pictures!! 

Still a little hesitant and confused.....

loving it and actually cracking a smile!

We spent the rest of the day exploring and walking around the surrounding areas and finding some snacks along the way. Solomon kept saying WOW over and over. It was so cute to see his big eyes looking up and taking in all the sights. I was surprised at how well my 20 week pregnant body handled it, but it was worth it. I didn't realize how tired I was until we were on the train ride back home. It was a great day, and a fun first experience for Solomon in NY! 

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