pregnancy post // month five.

August 20, 2017

Weeks 17-20

17 weeks:
  • The round ligament pain is unreal this week. So much pressure!
  • I am also feeling a ton of little movements and some stronger ones, so crazy to experience this a second time!!
  • Picking up Solomon can be quite uncomfortable at times, then sometimes it's not a problem at all. 
  • Had a dream that I forgot about the new baby and couldn't find the baby anywhere in the house!!
  • Still craving salads like crazy!

Ooops, I missed 18 weeks since we were so busy!

18 Weeks:
  • Waiting patiently for the very sharp and painful round ligament pain to die down! 
  • Holy constipation. TMI? sorry..... keeping it real, pregnancy is full of fun things, right?
  • Got to hear the heartbeat at our appointment and little babe was moving constantly! The midwife had a hard time getting a steady heartbeat but said it was around 150. She also guessed a girl but Solomon was usually around 150 and constantly moving also! 
  • The dreams this week are unreal. Scary ones, weird ones, constant dreaming all night!!

19 Weeks:
  • My round ligament pain is gone!!!! Hallelujah! So nice to feel back to "normal"!
  • Starting to feel some nesting urges and I'm sure that will crank back up even more once we know the sex of the baby later this week.
  • Feeling the baby move so much and I absolutely love it!!!!
  • I think Solomon was the first person to feel the baby move! He was pressing on my belly a little bit while I was rocking him and he was almost asleep. I guess the baby wasn't happy about big brother pushing, so it was a very strong movement! Like a big kick for the first time and then Solomon jumped and re-positioned himself on the other side. It only makes sense that he felt it and then reacted, sibling kicks already!!
  • We found out the news!!!!! Baby boy! Brothers, I can't believe it!

(the photo on the right is Solomon's "thumbs up" for a baby brother, haha!)

20 Weeks:
  • Exciting trip to NJ to see family!
  • Starting to get uncomfortable at night if I eat too much during the day. Small snacks and meals throughout the day is much easier. 
  • I forgot about the numb feeling at the tip on my belly under my bra during my last pregnancy, until it happened this week. So weird and annoying!
  • Handled a lot of walking and flying very well, making sure I drink a lot of water!
  • We went to Costco for groceries, and after moving all the boxes and food to the conveyor belt to pay, the little guy kicked me so hard it made me jump!! The lady checking me out laughed at me. We have a very strong boy growing!
  • Woke up the day before 21 weeks with a massive baby moving and kicking! It was wild how much bigger he seemed over night and I could tell exactly where he was in my stomach and feel his whole body move around. So much fun!

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