exploring charleston.

August 29, 2017

We love Charleston so much. It is such a fun city to visit and every corner is full of beauty. I don't care how many times we visit, I'm always shocked by how beautiful it is. Even our walks along the same area is somehow new each time. It didn't hurt that Friday was a perfect day to get out and explore after nap time, thanks to a rain storm that cooled down the hot and humid temps! The sun wasn't beating down on us, and there was a nice breeze by the water, as we walked around. It was fun to let Solomon run a little bit and get some energy out in between some stops for food!

I'm so going to frame this picture, I'm not sure why I love it so much... but I definitely love it!

Getting those wiggles out, like I mentioned! He was a wild man running around and chasing dogs. 

handsome hubby of mine! 

I really love this picture too, despite the fact that Solomon had just gotten in trouble for not listening to daddy or mommy when we told him to stop running away from us, and to not jump in that big puddle of water. Toddlers, am I right?? What I do love about this picture is how Solomon has that little grin on his face and how tall he is next to Peter. Just months ago his arm used to stretch out to reach Peter's hand, now it's just a relaxed hold. No straight arm at all. How do babies grow up so quickly??? We definitely have a toddler on our hands, running away from mommy and daddy, but also growing up so quickly! 

Rainbow row, always a quick stop on our walks when we are in the area. It's so pretty and happy. But, I think my favorite part of Charleston would have to be the trees. The huge, bending and curving trees, that frame the most beautiful southern homes. They are so pretty that you just have to stop and stare sometimes. Which is exactly what we did when we came across the tree in the photos below. 

Amazing, right??? I love everything about it!

Ending the day with some more running around and kicking the ball with daddy. It was a pretty perfect afternoon in Charleston, if you ask me! 

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