Christmas Wishlist 2015.

December 3, 2015

One of my favorite things to do every year is collect all of the little things I'd love to find under the tree. I know that Christmas is definitely not about the gifts but it doesn't hurt to try and help everyone out (cough cough husband cough)! So, here are the little & one big (hello you beautiful dutch oven!) things that I'd love to call mine. 

Round Dutch Oven // The gift of my dreams. I drool over this thing every time I turn on the food network. The cold and rainy weather lately hasn't helped with my desire for one of these!

Nike Shoes // I'd love to have these so I can have some comfy shoes that I could wear with a pair of jeans instead of my tennis shoes that only look good with workout clothes. I don't want to wear yoga pants every day (I can't believe I just typed that!!) but I need comfortable shoes for our walks.

Forever21 Gift Card // I mean, duh.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle // One of these or something like it would be great for around the house and to throw in the diaper bag. I never drink enough water since I don't have a nice bottle to take with me and I love that this one keeps the water and ice cold. I hate nothing more than having rings all over the house from condensation from glasses. 

Happiness Sign // This is so cute!!! I love the way it looks and the adorable quote. Plus, Joanna Gaines is incredible.

2-Tier Server // I'd love to put this cute little thing on the island in our kitchen so I could put some fresh fruit on it. I think the two toned woods with this dark wood and our light butcher block island would be so pretty.

P.F. Candle // This candle smells SO yummy and I love that they are soy! 

& just for fun, my wishlist from last year!
What is on your list this year???

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