meeting charlie.

December 7, 2015

Over the weekend we got to meet the sweetest little addition to our clan of boy friends!
Solomon is so lucky to have so many buddies to hang out with already.

It's so crazy to see and hold little Charlie and realize that Solomon was that tiny just 12 weeks ago!! It kind of makes me want to cry but then I realize that we have so many fun memories ahead of us.

I was nursing and rocking Solomon when my friend Laura told me she was in labor by a text message. I instantly started crying. It is such an emotional feeling to know that one of your best friends is going to experience one of the most beautiful moments of her life. A small part of me was jealous in that moment, wanting to relive those first minutes of meeting my son again. Then when I looked down and saw him eating and holding on to my finger, I cried a little more, amazed at how this incredible love only continues to get bigger and better. I'm so happy for this sweet new family and I know that Charlie is going to be loved so well. He is one lucky boy!!

Proud daddy with his son! 
We love Charlie so much already and congrats to Adam & Laura, we love you, too!! 

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