Merry & Bright.

December 11, 2015

A few weeks ago, after a looooong conversation with Peter about paying for a photographer to take pictures of us, we decided to see if my mom could get some shots of us in the back yard since that would be free. We do have a nice camera and my mom has a steady hand most of the time! ;) Free is always a nice thing and I'm so happy with how they turned out. Peter can say, I told you so... and I still got some sweet family pictures, so we are both happy! 

I love these two guys so much and I can't wait to print some of these and frame them in the house. I know they aren't picture perfect shots like I wanted but I honestly like these even more. We aren't a picture perfect family but I love us. I'm so thankful for this life that God has given me, He is so good!!!

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