Solomon's Dedication.

December 21, 2015

Yesterday was such a wonderful day!! We got to dedicate our sweet boy with our family and friends supporting us. Our church is a pretty large church, we have several campuses and a lot of families with babies, so we didn't think a dedication was an option. Thankfully, our small group leader is also a pastor on staff and he told us that we could do a dedication and it would be a small ceremony with our family and friends on a Sunday afternoon. That seemed perfect to us!! Small and sweet, and we could also have it at the church downtown, where we got married two years ago. It was such a sweet day. 

One thing that Chris said several times is the main thing that I have tried to remember as a parent, this baby is not mine, he is God's. I feel like I can be the best parent possible when I remember that and live by that truth. God gave us this sweet boy so we could love him and show him the amazing love of God. We are thankful for this gift of parenthood, our little man, the family and friends that surrounded us and prayed for us, and our church community that gives us the knowledge and teaches us how to be a God centered spouse and parent! So many wonderful things to be thankful for!!

After the ceremony at the church, we invited our family and friends to come over for salad, lasagna and some delicious carrot cake (made by my sweet cousin)! It was so nice to sit and relax and enjoy those who love us and love our baby boy. It made me feel so thankful and loved!!

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