Pregnancy Post // Fourth Favorites.

November 19, 2015

I've always heard that the fourth trimester was a real thing and let me tell you, it is! I wanted to share some of my favorite things that helped me with this last trimester. You need some help when you are tired and learning how to become a momma to a new baby that is also trying to figure out this big world. Here are the things that made that transition a lot easier broken down in a few categories.

By far the best diapers!! These things are the most leak proof for Solomon. I know every baby is different but these are the best for us. We are going to start the adventure of Cloth Diapers soon but I'm not quite brave enough yet... 

This stuff smells so good and I love that it doesn't have any bad chemicals in it. I secretly want to use it for myself, ha! It definitely makes bath time at night a lot better and Solomon seems to love it also. 

This powder is a life saver when it comes to diaper rash. Solomon was getting some bumps from all the little rolls of fat around his diaper but they went away once we started using the powder. It is so light and airy also, he always smiles and giggles when I put it on which is pretty adorable. 

I have tried the Seventh Generation wipes since I love their diapers way more than Honest diapers but I decided to go back to the Honest wipes. They are are so soft and remove everything so much easier during a dirty diaper. I also love that I can use these to wipe Solomon's mouth or face if he spits up because they are fragrance free. 

I really love how this product smells and how soft it leaves your hands. We have the big pump bottle in our living room for guests and we use it after diaper changes. I also love to keep the little bottle in the diaper bag for when we are out of the house. 

After 2 months of using so many different products this has to be my favorite. We use it after his bath every night and give him a little massage which he loves. I am excited to try the Ava Anderson baby lotion since I love that bath wash so much but I know I will continue to use this oil at the same time. I was surprised I didn't like the Honest baby wash but this oil is a keeper for sure!


Since we are co-sleeping these things are super helpful at night. I can lay one on the bed under me and Solomon so I can feed him without worrying about leaking or him spitting up some. I can also sleep better knowing that he won't have a leaky diaper on our sheets or mattress. We also use one of these in the car and on the living room floor for diaper changes & they have saved the car/carpet many times. It makes life a lot easier since you can just pop these in the washing machine and hang them to dry. 

This baby is a life saver for sure! I don't think I can sleep without it now, so once Solomon is in his room, I might need to buy one for our room. It cuts out so much noise and I love the "brook" option for sleeping. It sounds like a calm creek flowing through our room and Solomon seems to sleep best with that sound also. It really helps with nap time and sleeping more soundly at night. 

9 // Portable Sound Machine
I didn't realize how helpful this little thing was until we had that hospital stay and we needed something to help cut out all the sound. When we were heading to the ER I grabbed this sound machine for the car ride so we could try and sooth our sick baby, but I wasn't expecting to use it the entire weekend. The only bad part about this product is how quickly the batteries die, but it is worth it. 

Normal nursing tanks aren't a huge deal and you can buy them from anywhere so you won't have to spend a ton of money on them like at Motherhood BUT this kind is awesome!! It has full support like a soft bra and cups to help with shaping. I love the regular tanks for around the house but when you are out in public it is nice to have the bra fit for clothing but still wearing a tank under clothes.

11 // Water 
I believe this is the most important thing for good milk supply, hands down. I can tell a huge difference on days that I don't drink enough water & I can also tell how much my supply is boosted when I drink a ton. I try and drink one full glass of water while I'm nursing but that isn't always possible. I've also noticed it helps to have a big glass of water first thing in the morning before my coffee. 

Yes, Yes, YES! These are my favorite! There's nothing like the instant cold feeling on your sore nipples. Just being honest. I could tell a huge difference with the pain of nursing in the first couple of weeks when I used these. 

13 // Placenta Encapsulation
This was probably the one thing that made people look at me like I was a crazy person but I truly believe it made a big difference. There isn't a ton of research to back this up, but my doula gave me the contact for the woman who can do this in my town and she only charged $150, so I thought it was worth a shot. They say that taking the pills can help with postpartum depression, milk supply, energy, and a bunch of other things. Those three were the most important to me. When you think about the first trimester and all hormonal changes that happen, it is mostly because of the placenta forming. Then when you have your baby and deliver the placenta, all those hormones leave your body and you can have a lot of reactions. By taking these pills you give your body a easier transition. There have been times when I felt super emotional for no reason or super tired after a long night of feeding on demand and I'll take one of these pills and within the hour I feel back to myself. It might be a placebo effect kind of thing but I don't care, for $150 I will take it! 

14 // Meal Baby
Our church small group was so kind to set this up for us and it made the first few weeks of parenthood so much easier. It was nice to know that we would have a full meal delivered to our house every other day. We didn't have to think about groceries or cooking, just open the door and see a friend with their arms full of food. That is a wonderful blessing and we are so thankful for those who signed up and made our nights a little easier. The website is super easy to use, also!

15 // Caryn's Sore Boom Sitz Tea
Caryn was my doula and this stuff was a life saver!!! She and my mom made these frozen pads with herbs when I was in labor at home so when I got home from the birthing center I could use them. After having a baby you are pretty sore, raw and may feel like you are on fire at times so these frozen pads helped so much with pain. I would use them after a hot shower at night and go to sleep with one om and wake up feeling like a new person. Of course that was only a little rest before the next feeding but it was so helpful. They also put the same mixture on some nursing pads and froze them for those really sore days. The ingredients and directions are below. Also, you can order the ingredients HERE

Arnica Flowers
Lavender Flowers
Lady's Mantle
Heather Flowers
Jasmine Flowers
Chrysanthemum Flowers
Comfrey Leaf
In early labor bring large pot of water to a rolling boil. Add 1/2 bag of herbs, cover and steep 1+ hours. Strain tea and place in air tight container. Place several sanitary napkins/nursing pads flat on a cookie sheet, leaving wrapper under pads. Spoon tea over each pad until saturated and freeze. Refrigerate remaining tea. Tea can be used in peri bole, sitz baths or bath soaks. Frozen pads can be applied for 20 minutes. After soaking or using pads, air dry boom for at least 20 minutes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

What are some things that helped you with the 4th Trimester?? 
I'd love to hear about them!

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