a date with our plus one.

November 5, 2015

One of the most important things in our life as a family of two was our date nights. I loved them and I think they are important no matter what we do. It's not so much about where we are but that we are together and we can enjoy time together while eating some food and sipping on a drink. I love dating my husband. Since we have had Solomon, we still make it important to have date nights. We have had two since he's been born and he is almost two months old. Some people think that is crazy, but I really believe that my relationship with Peter is the second most important relationship I should work on, the first being my relationship with God. I know that I can be a better mother if I keep those two relationships strong and healthy in my life. 

That being said, I think having date nights out with our little man is just as important. Enjoying things that we loved before becoming a family of three, but now adding our cute plus one, is so much fun. I want him to see his parents interact over dinner. Watching us talk and laugh and include him in those memories. Having him see us date is such a sweet thing and it makes my wife & momma heart almost burst. 

So, we went out last Friday night for some tacos because Solomon definitely needs to learn how to love mexican food like his parents!!! Local Taco was delicious!

 Our cute little pumpkin butt is the perfect addition to a date night!!

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