traveling with daddy.

November 20, 2015

One of the many perks of staying at home with Solomon are the fun times when we don't have to stay at home! Peter travels a lot for his job and we are lucky enough to go with him if it is close by. This week he was working in Augusta and I thought it would be fun to come and meet him for the last part of the week. Taking it easy and working our way up to one full week away, no need to push it. Yesterday was our first day away while daddy was at work and it was so wonderful. We woke up and had breakfast together and then Solomon and I had a slow morning of naps and snacking in the room. Around lunch time we ventured out so I could find some lunch and walk around for a bit since the weather was so nice. 

By the way, this is the difference of Solomon at night and the morning. 
He is such a happy boy in the AM! 
The left was Wednesday night when we arrived.... 
the right is on our way to breakfast yesterday morning.
what naptime in the hotel looks like, thank God for this amazing stroller!

 view from our room, and a sweet boy ready to go see the town!
More fun from Augusta next week with a Sights & Seats at a super yummy place!!
Have a great weekend!

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