Goals // 11.15

November 2, 2015

It's funny, the fact that I thought I would be able to complete all of the goals for last month. bahaha, silly momma. I'm thinking the goals need to be super simple for a few months. Like, find time to sleep. Or try and have three full meals a day. 

October Update
1// Start a morning quiet time routine while Solomon naps - I tried and some days it did happen but our routine is still so unknown right now, so it can be hard to plan. I did listen to my favorite worship music playlist every day though. That is always my go to for the long days when I need to find my sanity!!

2// Figure out a sleeping/feeding schedule that works well for our family - I'm realizing that the whole "feed on demand" thing is the best thing that works for our family. Peter was kindly reminding me that our baby is not a clock and if he is hungry 30 minutes before he should eat, then I need to feed him. It's true, I can't force a schedule and I want a happy baby. The most important thing is the Eat, Play, Sleep routine and that is working very well, so that makes me happy! 

3// Make a new wreath for the front door for the Fall season - I completed the Halloween wreath and I have plans for the Thanksgiving wreath, I'm going to do a special post on those this week or next!

4// Workout at least 3 days a week - HA! that's all I've got to say.

November Goals
1// Start Christmas shopping
2// Figure out the best cleaning schedule for our home
3// Make something yummy for Thanksgiving

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