August 4, 2014

I thought it would be nice to share some of the things that fill our life lately but never make it to this little space. Ten years from now when I look back I want to remember all of the big events but also  see some of the minor, yet still special, kind of events! Here are some things that made July great.... 

^^^ the last wedding of the summer & the fact that Peter wore his tie from our wedding made me smile! 

^^^ some super sweet friends invited us over for dinner and it was one of those nights when you just talk and talk and talk, and I loved every second of it! So thankful for new friends!!

^^^ one year celebration for Quest Brewery! A lot of beer tasting and live music on a rainy afternoon was a lot of fun. 


^^^ the first baby Eliya watermelon from the garden. We were so excited to cut it open and even more excited when we realized it tasted great!! 


Nicole Maxfield said...

Mmm, the watermelon looks delicious. When my husband and I get our own place (soon!!) I am totally starting a garden next spring.

CassieEliya said...

It was!! :) it is a LOT of fun and a lot of work but it is so worth it!

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