Vacation Littles.

August 18, 2014

The monday after a vacation is always interesting. You think you should feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead but instead you just feel tired and in need of a "staycation" for a few days. Or at least I do. I honestly wanted to stay in my bed all day long and pretend that Monday would come again tomorrow with every snooze. But I found the strength to crawl out of that amazing bed and take on the world. That is definitely what it felt like, anyways. Looking back on the last week I remember several things that made me so happy and super thankful. I always love to share those littles after a vacation to get my head in the right place so here we go.....

finally realizing that my nephew was calling me "Amy" because he was trying to say "Auntie" // putting my other baby nephew to sleep while walking and bobbing and humming hallelujah in his ear // listening to the ocean waves as I went to sleep every night // tan lines, I have them... and I didn't burn, it's a miracle // watching the connection that these two have after spending a week together 


  1. I always need a vacation after my vacation!

  2. He is the sweetest!! :) My friend Laura won it, and today was her Birthday!


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