In The Word // Psalm 46:5

August 5, 2014

In the midst. I find such peace in this verse for some reason? In the middle of, the center point, that is where you find God. How awesome is it to think of God as a the center of everything. The center of the church, of His people and the world.

The "her" referenced here is the "city of God" but naturally when I read this bible verse, I thought of myself. I  will not be moved because He is in me. The center, heart of myself, He is there. I also instantly thought of the Chronological Study that I started five days ago because the verse says, "God will help her when morning dawns." because that is that is the truth. Yes, it has only been a few days of waking up at 7AM but amazingly, I have only hit the snooze button one time each morning. That is clearly an act of God. I don't mean to be dramatic, it is the truth since I usually snooze 4-5 times on a daily basis! It is a BIG deal that I have climbed out of that comfortable bed of mine so early but I know I can do it because he is pushing me. Literally calling me off my pillow.

I have been praying for this. Praying before I fall asleep at night, praying every morning after my reading, praying for a thirst for His word. Hoping that I crave Him more than sleep and so far it has been wonderful! I continue to pray for the week ahead, praying that I can make it five days in a row. Pick my head up off my pillow and make my way downstairs to sit at my corner desk and open His word. That is my prayer.

I can't help but think about one of my all time favorite songs....

This morning my alarm went off
Earlier than I’d ever want
And in this small obedience, Lord
Help my heart stay bowed down

Father, You've given Jesus
All those He will raise up
And all eyes, including mine, will see
You are the only God
{Bethany Dillon // Deliver Me}

He is in the midst of me. He is in the midst of this life.
The midst of my mornings. All Him, all around.

 What is He calling out in you?
Are you reading along with us for this Chronological Study??
Share what He has placed on your heart this week,
the link up below will be opened all week long so join us!
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Kelli B said...

This is great, Cassie. I wish I could wake up early again. I was doing it for a while but am out of the habit. Thank you for this verse! I love it!

CassieEliya said...

Yup, it is a first for me... but I've heard if you can do something for 2 weeks straight then you will create a habit so I'm hoping it can stick! You can do it again!! I believe in you :)

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