I left my heart in San Francisco.

August 27, 2014

It's true, I left a little piece of my heart in San Francisco when we came home from our Honeymoon. I say this often but, that beautiful city is probably the only place that I would gladly leave Greenville, SC for. Then I think about our family, church and the low cost of living here and I always change my mind. HA! But since some of my love sick, honeymoon heart is still in San Fran I thought it would be great to make a photo book to remember everything and cross off #47 on my 101 in 10001 list.

^^ I love all the great art you can add to any page! 
This drawing of the bridge was absolutely perfect.

With the easy process on Shutterfly and the high quality products I knew that the book would turn out beautiful but I was still shocked at the beautiful result. Flipping through every page makes my heart long for the west coast again!! One day, we will make it back out there. One day!

This product is c/o Shutterlfy.
All opinions are honest and my own.


Cassie Lee said...

Love it! I'm sharing our wedding album from Shutterfly soon! :)

Kelli B said...

How fun! I really need to make one for our honeymoon. I LOVE making photo books on Shutterfly :)

Danielle Dunn said...

It looks like y'all had an absolute blast! My husband and I are going to San Fran for the first time next week! Any suggestions for places to visit, eat at, may have I would LOVE to hear!

CassieEliya said...

oh my.... so glad you asked!! our favorite spots were:
// this place in SanFran was SO GOOD and had the best fries ever! We got the thick cut, garlic
parmesan fries and we LOVED them!
// you have to take the ferry boat over to Sausalito! It is so gorgeous and this restaurant had amazing food and spicy margaritas!
// and if you like Vietnamese then The Slanted Door at the Ferry Building is incredible! The Ferry Building is a must see in San Fran because there is so much to choose from. Great desserts, coffee, produce, and restaurants but the Slanted Door was great and they have an outside eating area that has a great view of the water.
// the Ferry Building Marketplace was one of my favorite spots and it is in such a fun area so you can walk around for hours and not get bored.
// Little Italy and China Town in SanFran is awesome too, they are huge and have great food. We mostly walked around one whole day and ate from so many different places, I’m not even sure what they all were but everything was great.
Enjoy your trip!!! It is a beautiful city!

CassieEliya said...

It was a lot of fun to make and I love looking at it all the time!

CassieEliya said...

I can't wait to see it!!!!!

Cynthia Hoyt said...

How cool! I've never thought to make a honeymoon book, but that's such a good idea! I'll definitely have to add it to the list! I love San Fran! I've been shipped there a few times for work and can't get enough!


CassieEliya said...

It is a great little book to have and I thought it would be so sweet to share with our kids one day! :)
I do love San Fran and I also LOVE your blog!!! So glad you commented, a new follower for sure!

Danielle Dunn said...

ahh this is wonderful!! seriously, thank you so much!! :)

Meghan Gorecki said...

What a beautiful book and time it looks like you had in SanFran! I've never been but I've heard it's gorgeous. I recently traveled to Gettysburg PA and *that* is where I left my heart. :)

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