Taking Stock 003

August 6, 2014

He didn't want to take photos but somehow my phone captured this one. 
I think I like it more than any posed photo we would have taken. 
.....but, I'm still irritated that you didn't want to take photos with me, Peter! 
You aren't off the hook ;)

Making // myself push through today & the next two days... Charleston bound on Saturday!!
Cooking // with a food plan recently thanks to fun shopping trips to Trader Joe's.
Drinking // so much black coffee lately, I seriously love it.
Reading // through the bible study at church, The Story of Scripture.
Wanting // fall weather.
Looking // forward to loving on my sweet nephews soooo much next week!
Wasting // apple cider vinegar but we finally got rid of those annoying fruit flies!!!
Crocheting // stockings for Christmas this year. One for me, one for Peter!
Wishing // that I were a morning person and not a night owl.
Enjoying // air drying my hair a lot this summer.
Liking // all the plans being made for the two vacations in September!
Wondering // where all these gray hairs have come from recently!?!
Loving // John 8:36, so if the Son sets your free, you are truly free.
Hoping // for some tan lines!
Marveling // at how crazy it is that half the year is already gone. Completely crazy!
Needing // a pedicure before the beach trip!
Smelling // summer rainstorms.
Wearing // a sweet, vanilla, floral scent lately.
Following // my planner so I can schedule a lot of blog posts for the month ahead.
Noticing // that I've enjoyed cleaning more than normal recently.
Knowing // that God is working on something within my heart right now.
Thinking // about how crazy our garden looks after all the rain recently. Sooo many weeds!
Bookmarking // through Genesis and  Job thanks to our Chronological Study.
Opening // my suitcase to pack!!!
Giggling // at Jennifer Lawrence. I want to be her friend. THIS is my favorite, I could watch it over and over.
Feeling // excited!!!


Chelsea said...

Fall weather! Yes please!

CassieEliya said...

ohhh yes!!! so ready!

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