4 day weeks!

April 10, 2012

I’m sure we all agree that four day work weeks are most definitely appreciated, yes? Well… I’m pretty darn excited about this week AND next week because they are both only four days of work!

This weekend is the long awaited Charleston Trip with some of my favorite women! I know it will be such a fun, relaxed and beautiful weekend!!! The weather forecast on Friday-Monday looks to be perfect and I’m going to try my best to TAN and not BURN! Crossing my fingers. I’m also a little bit excited about my adorable sun hat I recently bought from Forever21! It will be just right for the beach!!!

I'll be spending the weekend in Chucktown with these awesome ladies...

Peggy – Laura – Mom
Yea, they are always like this and I’m sure a few more similar pictures will be taken. I’m so glad that I have a Mom and adopted Aunties that are also such incredible friends! Brentley (Peggy’s daughter) and I will have our hands full as usual but we wouldn’t want it any other way!! I'm so excited to take a trip with just the 5 of us! 

I’m sure this week will creep by since I’m patiently waiting for the weekend away but I plan on filling it with a lot of healthy eating and hot yoga in hopes that my swim suit will fit a teensy bit better, haha! PLUS, I know I will indulge and have some “Vacation Food” that doesn’t exactly fit in the “Healthy” category.

Hope you all have a wonderfully awesome week!! 

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