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April 24, 2012

I know I mentioned on the last post about the exciting conference at my church but exciting just does not express it accurately! It was so incredible... I know I can't explain everything I learned and tell all the amazing stories I heard but I thought I could share some of my favorite parts! 

"A woman, as an ezer, reflects God as an Ezer, as someone who comes alongside, nurtures, and lends strength.  Being an ezer is the core of who a woman is. It is not a role she plays, nor is it defined by her season of life. On the contrary, because it is who a woman is, it translates across all roles and seasons of life as mother, daughter, employee, employer, mentor, grandmother, single, widow, or empty-nester."

"Our Self Image has become our Body Image." - As a worldly woman we lose sight that our body and soul is intertwined. Our given beauty is from our Creater... He made us with purpose. God was sovereign in our conception and we are GOOD the way He made us. 

"The act of sex creating life is unspeakably Glorious." - It is a God-like activity within marriage and He made it to be good, powerful & necessary. 

"We are confessed sinners and we won't be perfect until we see the face of Jesus." - He wants to restore, rebuild and renew us but we will never find perfection here on earth. 

"A man's desire to pursue is not wrong- but when it is broken from faith it is lost." - When men use what God has equipped them with to love and protect we {women} become the winner. 

"What we do with our bodies does matter" - It shapes who we are, it shows how we feel about God because we do not own our bodies. He does. {1 Corinthians 6:15-20} Who we are in Christ does matter... righteous, holy, blameless & spotless, heirs to the Kingdom and we should live up to all of that. He is not ashamed to identify with us so we must live to what we've already attained. 

"We are created as women in the image of God to be helpful and we don't have to wait for a husband to serve that role." - we are able to have a healthful expression as a woman in many ways. We need to fully engage and impact the world with our womanhood. 

"Jesus is Lord and King, not our boyfriend." - If we try to make Him that we are robbing Him of saving us. We must submit and rely on God, not come alone beside Him

"God will give you the desires of your heart." - BUT we take this verse and switch the meaning so often, He will shape the desires of our heart to match what He desires. Our legitimate desires doesn't mean we are entitled to them. 

"Purity is not our highest goal- Worship is." - This should help us sustain from our wants as a single woman because our bodies are made to worship Him, not ourselves. 

Mmmmm, everything I learned on Friday night and Saturday morning will stick with me forever. I absolutely loved it. If you enjoyed the little bit that I shared I encourage you to take a look at the Ezer Blog that my church so generously updates frequently. I also heard that they were going to have the audio added so you can even listen to what I heard over the weekend. Happy Tuesday, friends!! :) 

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amber kanady said...

this is so wonderful! i am checking out the blog now!

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