April 2, 2012

Fantastic + Fabulous = fantabulous
Two of my favorite words that must be put together to make an even better word that describes my week ahead!

Seriously, this week is going to rock my socks off. :)

·    I had a (much needed) hair appointment tonight which always includes some girl time with the amazing Amanda and as a special surprise Katie had an appointment right before me!!! Anyways... Amanda is such a great hair stylist, that woman is the best bang shaper upper I could ever find!

·    I plan on enjoying a few hours of sweating this week on my yoga mat. Last week was a bit hectic and I only got 1 hour and I can seriously feel it. No bueno!

·    Wednesday night is the SERIES finale of One Tree Hill. I will cry. It will be so sad but I know it will still be amazing! The two bestfriends will also come over for some dinner and chilled beverages before OTH for moral support and a little shower planning for Jocie! Eeeeek, oh the fun!

·     My favorite holiday is this weekend! YAY for Easter! I’m pretty excited about it!! Good Friday service, church on Saturday night, cooking Easter lunch on Sunday with Mom. Beautiful weekend celebrating the reason for this life I have… Jesus and His amazing love. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up a fantabulous week.

So… Happy Monday, Happy Easter week and I sincerely hope you had a perfect weekend full of love and sunshine!

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