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May 2, 2011

This past weekend was pretty much wonderful!  Kickball Friday night was fun... and we won.  Spent some time downtown with friends after the game.  Slept in on Saturday.  Met Katie Ayer for a late lunch at Midtown and talked for an hour.  Went shopping at Body Shop and bought over $100 worth of stuff for FREE.  & then we finally had our dinner club for March April. Guess we totally skipped March since there were so many scheduling difficulties.... but I'm so happy almost everyone could come.  We missed you, Jocie and Kelley!!! 

 Some of the ladies with our delicious appetizer and wine... 

 Once again, Carolina Claw Meat Crab Rangoons 
which were also called "purses" since that was more appropriate!

 ...and our Chef for the night!!  We are some lucky ladies! 

 her delicious Shrimp Stuffed Wonton Soup... 
I could seriously drink the entire bowl.  It was AWESOME!!!

 Sushi preparation!!!!! 

And Jessica with her awesome sushi.... 
Mango and rice.  hahaha, love it! 

I'm so glad I have you all... I always look forward to Dinner Club and after missing March it was even better!!!  

Sunday was spent at church, lunch with Peter and both of our Moms, then a FOUR hour nap where apparently I was dead....?  I've been fighting a little cold so the nap definitely helped.  Once I woke up Peter and I decided to go rent a movie!  The King's Speech was the winning choice and I thought it was GREAT!!!  The New York Steamer sandwich I devoured from Firehouse was pretty nice too!  

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well AND Happy May, seriously... it's MAY!?!?!?

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