On the day after tomorrow...

May 10, 2011

My Mom and I will be on our awesome Mother/Daughter trip to Nashville, TN!!!! 

We've been planning it for a few months now and I am so excited about everything.  My mom is a HUGE planner and when ever we go on trips with just the 2 of us that always turns me into a HUGE planner as well.  

I have a file folder full of directions, Groupon/Living Social coupons that I've been buying the past few months and even malls with lists of the shops that we are planning on going to.  haha, it sounds crazy but that's what we do!  PLAN... PLAN... & PLAN!  

I know if I ever did this on trips with Peter he would look at me like a crazy person (in fact he's already told me I'm crazy when I've told him what all we have planned for this weekend) but its part of the fun for trips with my Mom!  It makes everything more exciting.  :) 

Also, this whole week I've been training in Downtown Greenville so I've had a nice break from driving to Spartanburg every day!  One last day of training tomorrow and then a vacation till Tuesday!!!!  Yessss.... so wonderful.  Of course I will have a nice recap from all the fun! 

Not much longer Mom!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY! 

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