busy, busy weekend!

May 9, 2011

This weekend was just as fun as I thought it was going to be!!!  I love it when that happens.  

Saturday was spent in Columbia for the Republican Party Convention.  Peter had to go since he is a state delegate and had some voting to do and he asked me to come along.  When we arrived we had to go check in so he could get his special badge to vote and all his paperwork.  After he was signed in they asked me if I as a delegate... I said no.  Then he asked if I was an alternate... I then said "No, I'm just a Girlfriend."  Everyone had a nice chuckle from that comment.  haha!  We got to hear a lot of speakers but I was most excited about hearing this beautiful woman speak! 

She is so great and I loved listening to her.  Like I said on my last post, I've never been super interested in Politics but I did have a great time!!!  After spending most of the day at the Convention we left for some a quick lunch before heading home.  I was really excited to try The Flying Saucer and it was wonderful!! Check out his beer menu... FOUR pages long!!!

Then the coolest part was seeing where the beers were from... when I found my new favorite beer, the Lion Stout (I'm definitely loving stouts lately) Peter pointed out where it's made!!  We were both shocked.  For those of you who don't know, Peter's last name is Eliya.  How crazy!!!  We both thought it was neat! 

After we stuffed ourself with delicious food and a tasty beer we started the drive home for the long awaited wedding!!!!!  Maria and Miguel's wedding was wonderful, and she looked SO beautiful!!  Sadly I don't even have a picture of her (SO SAD) but here are a few that I did take at the reception.... 

Jessica and I, resting our feet!    

 Peter and Joe... 
I say we are lucky ladies to have such handsome men!

 Getting some love from my hunny! 

 and the best part of the night....???
Catching the flowers!  About time!!!!! 
Peter doesn't look too afraid... does he? ;)

On Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day I went to church with my wonderful Mom and then we met the family at Miyabi for some Lunch!!!  It was so good and of course I ate WAY too much but how can you not when you go there!?!?  It was a beautiful day!  

 Here's we are... Brother, Mom and me! 
I still can't believe how tall and skinny he is.... crazy!  

And I also snapped a picture with my Grandma for a frame that I gave her for Christmas!  
Better late than never!!! 

Hope everyone else enjoyed there weekend!!!  And for all the Mother's out there, I hope you had a extra special day! :)  

I love you MOM!  You are the best and I would be so lost without you!  Check tomorrow to see what I am so excited about doing with my Mom in THREE days!!!!!!!!  eeeeeeek! 

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