Nashville weekend with Mom!

May 19, 2011

WOW!  I was not lying when I said that May was going to be busy!!!  I haven’t had time to sit down and write an update on the Nashville Weekend… non stop since I’ve been home. 

First of all the trip was perfect!!!  Even the nasty, cold, misty, no good weather could get us down.  We had a blast!!  ……Even if we did have to go buy a sweater for the last 2 days! ;)

On Thursday morning we started the trip with some Outlet Shopping!  It was a great day of awesome deals.  We finally made it to our hotel around 10 on Thursday night and crashed… shopping always makes you so tired. 

On Friday morning we started the day with some Starbucks Breakfast thanks to a gift card my mom had for $50!!!  (Yea… we gladly had a couple trips to Starbucks during the trip!)  After a quick trip to Target for Mom to find a bright pink nail polish we went to have a wonderful Pedicure.  Since I’ve become a nail polish fanatic and change my fingernails at least once a week I thought a French Pedi would be best!  After some more shopping we went to tour the stars homes! It was SO awesome!!!  Some of the houses were INSANE… some were simple and average.  My favorite was Taylor Swifts pent house suite!  That top area with the lights and table, yup... that's hers!

Later that night we went to the sweet and beautiful, Lindsay Willis’s house for a Grill Out In… thanks to the rain!  It was still a ton of fun and we loved spending time with Lindsay, her hubby and her sweet friends!

On Saturday Mom and I were both dragging thanks to the late night before… we started the day with some coffee and then went to try my new favorite fast & healthy food restaurant, Freshii.  It was so awesome… you pick whatever you want to eat from a menu full of all kinds of options and you make your own wrap, burrito, soup, or salad!  It was awesome, and everything is so fresh and organic.  GREAT place!  After some lunch we went straight to the mall (because you can’t get enough shopping on vacation) in Cool Springs, TN.  It was a great mall… tons of stores and I also found some great deals.  A few hours and pretzel sticks later we were hungry for dinner.  With Pizza in mind we tried Pie in the Sky and sadly we weren’t that impressed… especially for $30 each BUT, oh well… nothing to complain about!  Since we were both exhausted a movie was the perfect solution.  Not wanting to spend the night sitting in the hotel room but definitely too tired to sight see we decided to see Something Borrowed.  BEST IDEA EVER!!!!  It was even better than I thought it would be!  I’ve been reading the book and only had a couple chapters to go so I thought a little surprise ending for the movie would be absolutely fine.  We had a great time and enjoyed relaxing a bit after a busy day.

On Sunday we had such a FUN day!  We started with some Brunch at Jackson’s Bar and Bistro.  The food was so good and the Bloody Mary was even better!  After some window shopping all the cute closed stores and exploring Downtown Nashville it was time for our afternoon tea!  Yes… that’s right; we had a wonderful mini lunch at the Belmont Mansion while sipping on some tea. :) Here are some highlights from the afternoon! 

After the tour of the house (where pictures weren’t allowed… sad) we had some fun in Downtown Nashville!  All the cute little knickknack stores and honky-tonk bars were fun to see.  I made the wise decision to wear wooden wedges so I was definitely ready to sit down and have a glass of wine for dinner around 6!  We went to the most BEAUTIFUL place for dinner!  Prime 108 at Union Station… I definitely had to take a few pictures of this place.

The food was delicious and I had my new favorite cocktail!  
Definitely planning on making a couple of these at the beach for all the ladies!

Pear Vodka, 1 fresh squeezed lemon,
& Pomegranate Seed Puree  

We were such old ladies on Sunday night because we were both tucked in bed at 9!  HA!!  After a busy day and weekend that’s all I wanted to do!  I guess my body is used to winding down on a Sunday night to prepare for a new week of work…?

On Monday morning we had another Starbucks stop after packing everything up in the car and then we spent the day in downtown Franklin.  ADORABLE town… everyone knows each other and it reminded me of a smaller Greenville.  Great shops, awesome food and beautiful scenery!  We were planning on heading home around 2 but finally made it back on the highway around 2:45. 

It was such a great trip but after a fun filled Mom/Daughter weekend all a girl wants is a tight squeeze from her main man!  …and that’s exactly what I got at 9:15 when I got home!!

As for this week and the crazyness that has filled it I haven’t had a chance to do anything… I even skipped the “Wednesday Wishes” for the first time.  Oh well, I will make up for it next week!! ;)  Happy ALMOST Friday!

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