April 28, 2011

I made a decision a week ago that I wasn’t expecting to make.  No worries… everything is okay!  I am trying to be patient and grow closer to God during this time so I know the outcome will be the best thing for me.  Accepting that His will is far better than my own gave me the strength for what I did. 

I am spending this time to study Proverbs.  What an incredible book, it’s precisely what I need to read right now. 

A few things that I have realized the past couple of days… 

1.   Fear the Lord to have TRUE knowledge. {1:7}
2.   Tune your ears to WISDOM, search for them like silver. {2:2-4}
3.   You will have WISE choices and UNDERSTANDING{2:11}
4.   TRUST in the Lord and depend on Him. {3:5-6}

In all those verses that stand out to me the words that I love are so beautiful. 
The only way we can reach those things are by God’s love and following Him completely.  Even if that means doing something that you don’t want to do.  Not knowing what the outcome will be but praying for God’s WILL and not your own.  Having complete faith and peace with everything because you know you aren’t in control… HE is in control.  Learning to say…

 “GOD, I give you EVERYTHING!  
All of my life is YOURS 
and you can control it!!”

That is something I have never done until a week ago.  I’ve said that’s what I was doing but I was only being deceitful… trying to believe that’s what I was doing but knowing all along that it was a complete lie. 

I’m so glad I finally made a decision.  I have complete peace in everything now, and that is a great feeling. 


Rebecca said...

im so happy to hear this!! I am so proud of you! I know its hard to actually let go of everything sometimes and just let God handle it, but he knows what best for you! I love you and miss you so much!

Cassie said...

Thanks, Becca!! I miss you too, I wish we could get together some time for dinner! I know you are busy being an amazing wife and mom but if you can squeeze me in that would be wonderful!

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