May 24, 2011

Not a huge fan of the beach, mainly because of the gritty sand… I’d rather be at the pool any day BUT I do love Charleston.  Its definitely one of my favorite places and this weekend will be the fourth Charleston Trip Peter and I have planned!!!  Crazy to think that we have been on that many trips together!  That definitely makes me smile.

{ Trip 1 }
All family except for a few of us... Big Fat Arabic Vacation! ;)

{ Trip 2 }
BEST trip ever... everyone got along perfectly and it was wonderful!

{ Trip 3 }
The trip we took with my Mom and Grandmother! 

And now its time to pack and get everything together for Memorial Day weekend!  Laundry is waiting for me.  I can't believe how this year has flown by so fast… so crazy.  This year we have a house right on the beach for 12 people to sleep comfortably.  It will be a blast!!!  We will have a weekend full of sun, food, fun, chilled beverages, laughs and of course pictures!!  I am beyond ready!

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