Go Gomez!

March 24, 2011

So I have to say that I'm a little obsessed with EVERYTHING that Selena Gomez wears lately.  I've never found one star that has had my dream style but she so has it!  When I I saw her at the Grammy's I almost fell off of the couch  and spilled my wine!  She looked so amazing... the hair, the color, the shine, the fit... the simple jewelry and the perfect clutch.  WOW... just so beautiful.

She was also amazing at the Golden Globes in the beautiful orange red dress.  Hair pulled back lightly and the gold accessories with the perfect train.  ah, so gorgeous!!! 

At the Peoples Choice awards she wore TWO beautiful dresses... the first an adorable mini and then performed in the  awesome, sexy dress with killer shoes. 

She also visited David Letterman and KILLED it!  Why you ask...? Check out the LACE!  Oh my word... lovely!  This is when I realized she is my style icon right now!  Oh... perfect! 

Even when it comes to a cute, casual red carpet she is still so great.  Love the stripes, boots, and the pop of red with the scarf... just so adorable!!!  And of course her hair is perfect.... 

Now, with all this being said I do understand she has a stylist, hair dresser, make-up artist and a trainer but still.  She's great.  I love her. 

--Side note:
Tomorrow we leave for Wilmington for our Girls Weekend trip!!!  YAY!  The picture below was taken last year at Jocie's Birthday dinner and I can't believe how much as changed in our lives in one year!!!  We are closer than ever and I don't know what I'd do without them.  Love you both SOOOO much and I can't wait for a weekend filled with creating FUN memories! 

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