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March 9, 2011

This has been an interesting week.  

Peter left on Sunday morning at 6 AM for an emergency trip to Alaska.  He's heading back today so he will be home around 9:30 tomorrow morning.  Definitely ready for him to be home!!  Surprise trips are not fun... or at least for me they aren't much fun. 

On a HIGHER note.... I found out that Sara Bareilles is going to be at The Orange Peel in Asheville on April 19th!  I seriously almost jumped up and down when I saw that she was going to be performing so close.  She is one of my absolute favorites and I instantly thought of Jocie's Birthday. 

Last year I took Jocie to see Ingrid Michaels (another fave of ours) at the Handlebar for her Birthday and I can't think of a better tradition to start... a new concert for her Birthday every year!!!  So much fun... and I can see us having a beer and jamming to some awesome music at 60 years old!  ;) 

Jocie's Birthday is March 24th and we will be in our VERY Exciting Girls Weekend trip to Wilmington, NC on her Bday weekend so it will be nice to celebrate again with Sara Bareilles!  Whoop-Whoooop! 

With work this week we have had a LOT of changes... we are currently switching to TD Bank so every day there are new information but this week was the big switch with our computers.  Which also means that at least 3 people had to stay after hours to help with the upgrades and make sure everything is correct.  I was one of those 3 people.  And we were there till 10!  Not only did I get home at 10:30 after my commute home but I had to be back at work again this morning at 8:15!!!!  At least I get to leave early on Friday... makes everything worth it!  

Also, on a completely different topic... I went to the gym on Monday night and I did so many squats that I can hardly move.  Still feeling them today.  I thought I would wake up and my legs would be back to normal but no... definitely not!  Gotta love that feeling though, going to do some more after dinner tonight. 

Speaking of dinner.... waiting patiently for Jocie to finish church.  She's my Peter for the night so we are going to eat sushi of course!! YUM!  So ready for some dinner.  Ready for some Sauce+Sas time!! 

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